3-6 Person Camping Tent Automatic Quick Open Waterproof Windproof Family Outdoor


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3-6 Person Camping Tent Automatic Quick Open Waterproof Windproof Family Outdoor Portable Nature Hiking Tents travel handbag
Product Description
Material: Silver glue/vinyl
Size: 3-4 people
215x215x142cm (84.6X84.6X55.9in)
5-6 people
240X240X154cm (94.5X94.5X60.6in)
Product features:the standard version is light,sun-proofand other features suitable for park play
Outer tent fabric:210D sunscreen coated silver clothTent pole:automatic fiberglass pole
Product color: dark green, sky blue, cloud gray
4.62m2 family bedroom COMFORTABLE-4-BED ROOM
BASIC EDITION:The bedroom is large enouth to accommodate 3-4 family members and it will be slightly different depending on the height and body type of the member(e.g. 2 parents +2 children)
Silver Coated Sunscreen Fabric For Outdoor Sun Protection
The outer account is made of 210D Oxford cloth that is wear-resistant enough as the material of the tent, which is enough to meet your leisure and camping rain-proof needs.The silver glue sunscreen coating is added inside, and the improved silver coating is optimized in thickness, that is, it is protected.The effective shading and anti-ultraviolet effect under the sun will not cause the problem of sultry heat due to excessive thickness.
Tent Details
●ABS strong folding joint
●Four corners nailed
●Precision turner routing
●Intimately present a pair of hall poles
●Top protective cover:
This model adds a top protective cover, which cooperates with the screens on the top of the tent which not only ensures ventilation but also plays a role of wind and rain.
Material of Inside Tent:SUNSCREEN
Material of Outside Tent:Rainproof
Tech Coated Vinyl Sunscreen
More shading, more heat insulation
more sun protection, more UV protection
Top screen (always breathable)
The top screen windows that provide vertical wind direction are covered with rain protection and there is enough space for wind to flow into the tent,even if other windows are closed.The top screens are also open for ventilation.
Side wiodow with cover
The cover cloth can adjust the air intake of the side windows.It can be rolled up to make the windows fully open.You can also roll up the cover cloth like the picture on the left which is ventilation and has a large view.




Additional information



Model Number

Automatic Quick Open Tent

Number of Users



600D Oxford with reflective mylar material


600D Oxford with reflective mylar material


One Bedroom

Bottom Waterproof Index

1500-2000 mm


Four-season Tent

Outside Tent Waterproof Index

1500-2000 mm



Pole Material




Building Type

Quick Automatic Opening


Automatic Tent

Brand Name



Mainland China

Upgraded Version:

5-8 person

Features 1:

Automatic Camping Tent

Features 2:

Family Gazebo Tourist Tent

Features 3:

Outdoor Automatic Tent

Features 4:

Waterproof Camping Tent

Features 5:

Family Beach Tent

Features 6:

Throw Pop up Hiking Tents

Features 7:

camping tent

Features 8:

tents outdoor camping

Features 9:

4 person tent

Features 10:

6 person tent

Features 11:

Trekking tent

Features 12:

tourist tent

Features 13:

automatic tent

Features 14:

tent 4 person

Features 15:



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